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Bahrain Destination Guide

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Welcome to the Elegant Resorts Destination Guide for Bahrain , created to help make your choice of luxury holiday as easy as possible. Here, you will find more detailed factual information about the destination you have selected.

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Bahrain is the largest island of a vast archipelago that has grown into a successful financial centre with a sleek, cosmopolitan feel and a colourful mix of cultures. This glistening and modern metropolis offers a fabulous variety of attractions, including luxury shopping malls, museums, restaurants, bars and multi-screen cinemas. Stunning white-sand beaches, watersports, scuba-diving and boat trips are in abundance, while those who prefer to stay on dry land can visit the celebrated Grand Prix race track and enjoy camel-racing or world-class golf. Amidst extraordinary growth and modernisation, the city has managed to hold onto its traditional roots, evident in the historic bazaars selling hand-made goods and ancient forts that once protected the Dilmun civilisation’s trade routes. A visit to Bahrain promises a perfect blend of ancient history and contemporary refinement.

General Information
Time Difference-1 hours
CurrencyBahraini Dinar


Health facilities, hygiene and disease risks vary worldwide and you should take health advice about your specific needs as early as possible. We highly recommend that you seek specialist advice from your Doctor and, where recommended, obtain vaccinations or tablets for protection against, for example: Malaria, Hepatitis A, Polio and Typhoid. In some cases, treatments for Malaria should begin well in advance of travel. Travellers may also be required to show Yellow Fever Certificates on arrival in certain destinations ie, some African countries. Please note that you are strongly advised against scuba-diving for 24 hours before travelling by air. We would also like to draw your attention to the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and recommend that you consult with your doctor before travelling.


Visa and Advance Passenger Information

All passengers must ensure they have valid, acceptable passport, any required visa and any other documentation for both the final destination and any stop-off points en route. Please make sure that Advance Passenger Information is submitted in advance to travel for all destinations. Failure to hold correct documentation or submitting incorrect details with Advance Passenger Information or Visa applications may result in refusal of carriage or entry into a country. Please check with the relevant Embassy regarding visa requirements well in advance of your travel date. Charges may apply for some visas.

Travelling With Children or Without an Adult

Children travelling without both parents should be aware that some countries require documentary evidence of parental responsibility before allowing lone parents to enter the country (for example, South Africa) or, in some cases, before permitting the children to leave the country. Please contact the relevant Embassy for the county you are travelling to for further information.


The best time to visit Bahrain is from September to April.

Temperature Guide

These figures show monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall for Bahrain.

  Temp °C Rain mm


Bahrain offers a diverse shopping experience, ranging from traditional, bustling souks to luxury shopping malls. In the capital, Manama, visitors can soak up the colours and scents of the exotic spices at the Spice Souk, or browse the ornate jewellery on offer in the Bab-el-Bahrain Souk, which sells the famous natural Bahraini pearls. These maze-like souks offer a sensory experience like no other and offer a multitude of goods including locally made fabrics and ornate tea sets, as well as various stalls selling fresh Arabic coffee and sweets.

For a more relaxed shopping experience, Bahrain also offers a variety of vast shopping malls that boast designer boutiques and well-known brands. The Seef Mall, the first authentic mall in Bahrain, also incorporates Magic Island - an indoor amusement park.

Motor Sports
The Bahrain Grand Prix is a world-renowned sporting event that takes place on the state-of-the-art Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). However, the track is not just for spectators – visitors can experience various adrenaline-pumping activities including Caterham passenger rides, drag and drift nights and karting.

The Tree of Life
A natural marvel, the Tree of Life is approximately 400 years old and stands alone on a small sand hill in the Bahraini desert. It is thought to be a site of an ancient cult and its survival in a harsh, arid environment with no apparent source of water remains a mystery. Tourists can also view artefacts discovered at the site and enjoy performances and stories telling of the tree’s fascinating past.

Bahrain National Museum
Founded in 1988, the Bahrain National Museum celebrates the country’s diverse culture and history. It is made up of nine grand halls showcasing various treasures through time, from prehistoric artefacts to Islamic manuscripts. The museum also hosts international exhibitions and the building itself is architecturally impressive.

Bahrain’s Forts
Bahrain is also home to various ancient forts, including the most impressive Qal’at al-Bahrain, an artificial mound on the site of what was once a port and capital of the Dilmun civilisation. These forts represent fascinating relics of centuries of human occupation and tell of the country’s changing social fabric and rich maritime history.

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Ramadan is observed for one month each year and is a period of fasting when the pace of life is slower, public areas are busier and there are certain restrictions, for example, consuming food in public, drinking alcohol and use of restaurants.

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