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Buenos Aires is considered the most developed city in South America and the closest comparable metropolis to a European city. Not surprisingly, there is a high concentration of European architecture here and rows of tree-lined boulevards sprinkled with trendy streetside cafés – not dissimilar to the Mediterranean.

La Boca is also famed for its distinct multi-coloured buildings, peppered with quirky vendors selling arts and crafts. While here, keep an eye out for Parillas (steak restaurants), perfect for tasting the country’s meat-dominant dishes, of which they’re exceedingly proud. Alternatively, pick up a mid-afternoon snack, such as Argentine croissants. There are two kinds; the Manteca (sweet) and Grasa (salty) – both are delicious. Children will love trying a ‘submarino’, which is, quite literally, a chocolate bar dropped into a glass of hot milk – simply drop, stir and indulge. Other districts to explore include La Palermo – for hip bars, boutiques and restaurants – and San Talmo for its weekly street fair and eccentric flea market. If you dare, try crossing Avenida 9 de Julio - with its numerous pedestrian traffic lights; the sixteen lanes of traffic make this the widest street in the world.

Beware of Buenos Aires’ reputation as a compulsive seducer, epitomised in the frantic, zealous moves of the tango. This cult dance form was first developed in the 1920s by raunchy brothel workers and those living in impoverished districts. In its early stages, the tango was little more than a distasteful dance condemned by the upper classes, whereas today, the allure of its highly sensual movements receives admiration from across the globe. For an authentic tango experience, visit an underground tango club or attend private lessons in the city. In more touristy areas, such as La Boca, tango dancers will frequent the streets to practice their dance routines, which is another good way to admire their skills. This is one city you're unlikely to leave without wanting to return to, such is the power of this hugely attractive urban stud.

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