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Lola and Poppy

Lola and Poppy

Lola and Poppy Jumby Bay Island: Cycling Jumby Bay Island: Resort View Jumby Bay Island: Beach Lola on her bike Poppy enjoying a tasty treat
Pirate cake

Child’s Play At Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort

By Elegant Resorts Travel Experts

Posted: 19 December 2014

When we asked Lola and Poppy how the flight out to Antigua was, we fully expected them to say that it was long and got a bit boring, but we were wrong! Lola said that she and Poppy watched lots of good movies − even long after mum and dad had fallen fast asleep! Before they knew it they landed ready to embark on their inevitable adventures at Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort.

One of the first things that the girls were eager to tell us about was the beautiful beach where they spent many happy hours playing on the soft white sand and splashing about in the warm sea. They even saw some star fish and Lola recounted her memories of sitting with daddy on the jetty and seeing more fish swim past them in the water below. There was also a beach bar, that the girls were both quite happy to go to on their own and Jenny, who served them their refreshing drinks, made quite an impression on them as she was really friendly and kind.

The highlight for both Lola and Poppy, without doubt, was the kids’ club. So much so, that even though they were only booked in for half-day sessions, because they had so much fun and made so many new friends, they were begging to stay for longer the next day. Mummy and daddy gave in and Lola was over the moon as there were so many activities to do, “a bit like school, but much more fun” apparently! They baked turtle-shaped cookies in the special kitchen area, decorated T shirts in the craft room and got to ‘spike their bike’ with lots of decorations including sparkly stars. Naturally, there were plenty of activities on the beach too and Lola reliably informs us that the egg and spoon race along the sand was great fun − but that may also be because she won! We’d detected a possible competitive streak by now, which was soon confirmed as Lola went on to tell us − with a huge smile on her face − that she was the last to be found in the game of hide and seek, because she “had the best hiding place ever.” Though exactly where that was remains a secret that she would prefer not to share... she’ll keep it under her hat for the next time she visits Jumby Bay. However, the stand up paddleboarding was another matter and even though Lola says she tried her very best to balance, she was still very wobbly. Mummy and Poppy also had a go at kayaking which was good fun, but once again, their balancing skills were put to the test! Lola told us that there was entertainment in the evening too, including watching more movies and the Pirate Party where they dressed up, had their faces painted, and ate pizza and some delicious cakes that were decorated like skeletons.

Both Poppy and Lola loved the food at Jumby Bay, especially the breakfasts, but their overall favourite remained the Fruit Loops − well children do like their home comforts! However, Lola told us that she did try something new while she was in Antigua, the star fruit, but it didn’t sound like she’ll be pestering mummy to put it on the shopping list back home! The girls also remember eating yummy hot dogs and fries in a bucket at The Estate House and they really liked dinner at The Verandah where Lola says there were pretty lights in the trees and a pond that gave the place a magical feel. Little Poppy did have some very good advice for eating cakes outdoors at Jumby Bay, which is, don’t take your eyes off them for a second as a seagull may swoop down and have it for his dinner, which is exactly what happened to her! Cheeky seagull!

And, they thought that the suite that they stayed in was fabulous. It was huge and they were amazed to discover both an indoor and outdoor shower − great for cooling off. The girls said that they did get very hot! In fact they did wonder whether the ice bucket in their suite might have been to help you cool down in real emergencies! Lola let it slip that it came in very handy for mummy's ice bucket challenge! We’re reliably informed that the hammock was a great place to chill and the beds apparently are just like ‘princess beds’ because there is a net (to keep the mosquitoes at bay) draped over them. Lola and Poppy were very impressed that the suite came with bikes too, perfect for spending a bit of time exploring the resort as a family, which is exactly what they did. Tantalisingly they could hear tree frogs, but no matter how hard they looked, the girls didn’t spot one. Maybe next time they’ll make an appearance. If the girls have anything to do with it there will be another family holiday to Jumby Bay, hopefully in the not too distant future.

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