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Chiva-Som: Meditation

Chiva-Som: Meditation

Chiva-Som: Meditation Chiva-Som: Foot Therapy

Chiva-Som: A World-Renowned Health Resort In Thailand

By Myra Jones

Travel Consultant

Posted: 03 July 2014

This is also one of the reasons why it’s a firm favourite with celebrities and famous faces from the sporting world, as well as being a ‘must go’ to place for those looking for help with challenges including losing weight, getting fitter, strengthening their body after injury, increasing energy levels and even coming to terms with personal tragedy.

If you’re the sort of person who hears the words ‘health retreat’ and thinks it all sounds like a chore and you may get bored, not to mention hungry, Myra says that it’s not like that at all. Chiva-Som doesn’t have a world-renowned reputation for nothing. Its holistic approach skilfully combines exercise, relaxation techniques, spa therapies, nutrition and targeted programmes to tailor-make a schedule to suit your needs.

Before you even arrive at this luxury health and wellness retreat you’ll complete a client preference form detailing, for example, your likes, dislikes and any medical conditions, to help you to achieve everything you want to during your stay. This will also be kept on your personal file for future visits, which helps make the service flawless. Speaking of flawless service, on arrival you’ll have your photograph taken which will be circulated to all the staff so you’ll be greeted by name wherever you go something that never failed to impress Myra.

Once you’ve been escorted by buggy to your room to settle in you’ll, fairly swiftly, be invited to meet your personal Health and Wellness Consultant to go through your goals. You’ll also be given a fairly thorough MOT − being weighed and having your blood pressure taken for example − and  come out with a tailor-made programme that’s easy to stick to. It will even detail things like dietary requirements which will be relayed to staff so that you will be looked after as you should be. And, you’ll be assessed at regular intervals throughout your stay to check that you are happy with your progress, and once again before you leave so that you can be given advice about how to keep up the good work once you're back at home.

Every guest receives a sixty-minute wellness consultation, three spa cuisine meals daily, a complimentary thirty-minute physical and skin consultation (if required), a daily treatment and up to eight fitness and leisure activity classes daily, plus unlimited use of the Water Therapy Suites (steam, sauna and Jacuzzi). Guests can pick their daily activity classes from the weekly activities programme that includes a range of yoga classes in the Yoga Pavilion, aqua aerobics in the Bathing Pavilion, and Pilates and fitness classes in the Dance Studio, (which must be booked the day before). In addition, depending on how many nights you stay, you’ll also be entitled to enhanced physio and holistic therapies, spa treatments and fitness classes. And, there evening activities too including inspirational talks from guest speakers and Siam-style barbecues.

The average stay is between two weeks to three months and although Myra only had five nights, this was all it took for her to see the benefits. Myra really couldn’t express enough how much she loves Chiva-Som. She, like so many who she met at the retreat, is a repeat booker to Chiva-Som and says that if you’re travelling on your own, as many guests here are, there really is no need to worry. Everything is taken care of for you, from being collected from one activity to go to lunch if needs be, to having any special snacks you require brought to you wherever you may be. At meal times you can select from the buffet yourself, or the Chefs and Waiters will select for you, ensuring that if you require an exact portion size to be measured out for you, it’s done, or that if you’re on a detox programme, you will receive your detox drink and tablets. No need to ask; it's just done by the staff effortlessly, as they already know your requirements.

There is even a ‘talking table’ so if you are in the mood to socialise with other guests you can sit with them, but if you’d prefer to be on your own (like so many of us who take a bit of time to wake up properly in the morning!) you can sit on a non-talking table and just enjoy your own company − nobody will mind at all. What’s even better is that you’re guaranteed that there won’t be any distractions from electronic devices, as the use of mobile phones, iPads, cameras and personal computers is confined to guest rooms only.

And, remember, when you book your Chiva-Som luxury holiday with Elegant Resorts, we can take care of all the travel arrangements and private transfers too, making your holiday as stress-free as possible from start to finish. 

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