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Obscure, isolated, spiritual, wild and remote are all words to describe the mysterious Easter Island. Formed by a series of extinct volcanoes and sitting curiously in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, this formally abandoned island bears little flora, even less fauna, limited fish species and a largely inhospitable land, comprising mainly of grassland and shrubbery. Yet within this hostile environment there exists proof of an ancient civilisation in the form of hundreds of stone statues. These ‘Moai’ (living faces) are made from stone found in the crater of Rano Raraku Volcano, some are over fourteen foot in height and are thought to date back between 1250 and 1500AD. Almost three-hundred of the Moai sit on sacred ceremonial platforms called Ahu, although archaeologists are still unsure of their exact purpose. Other Easter Island attractions include deep cave systems, two volcanic craters, lakes, grassland and pearly-white beaches. There are no trees on the island and only few mammals; you may see horses, cattle and harmless wild dogs, but little else. You will, however, find a wonderfully calm piece of land – totally removed from the jostle of modern day – making Easter Island the ideal escape destination.

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