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Get Fit Guilt Free At The BodyHoliday

By Myra Jones

Travel Consultant

Posted: 13 May 2015

 I arrived at the resort at 4pm and was tired after my flight, so I decided to take a leisurely walk around to get my bearings and grab a sandwich from the deli at the beach, rather than have a full meal. All the guests and staff that I bumped into were very friendly and happy to stop for a chat, which helped me feel at ease straight away which was a huge relief as I was travelling on my own.

I was introduced to what The BodyHoliday terms ‘bodyguards’ who are superb hosts that take the exercise classes and there are plenty of activities to choose, from T’ai Chi and all different kinds of yoga, to a huge variety of stretch and tone classes, body spinning, golf, tennis, water sports and archery. There was absolutely no pressure to take part in anything at all if you didn’t want to and guests can do as much or as little as they wish.

Throughout the year the resort hosts different guest experts, from ex rugby players to nutritionists, who come to coach, educate and fascinate. You can have lunch with them too to find out even more insights, or you can even book a private session with them. When I was there, the Beach Boot Camp Training with Olympian athlete, Donna Fraser, seemed too good an opportunity to miss. It was a great experience, but even though I could go at my own speed, I was still put through my paces!

There are no young children allowed at the resort, but it is excellent for multi-generational holidays and I met a couple in their 80s who were travelling with their children in their 50s and their children, who were all suitably entertained with the different activities. There was also a couple on a honeymoon, but most people were travelling alone with the purpose of relaxing and having a great time without leaving the resort.

The rate also includes a daily spa treatment, and again, there are lots to choose from. I made the most of it and tried something different each day, including the Aloe Vera Body Wrap, Skin Specific Facial and Full Body Massage. Pure heaven!

All your meals are included too and a useful little booklet detailing what sorts of food would be served and where during the week was a great idea. There was everything from beach barbecues, to Italian night, to a curry buffet. I reserved a place at the Communal Dining table on my second night which was a great way to meet more people and break the ice, and it worked as a few of us decided to meet for lunch the next day and I was never on my own at meal times throughout my holiday. It’s a very sociable resort, but if you’re the sort of person who prefers to dine alone, that’s absolutely fine − nobody will bother you and you can eat in peace. When it came to the daily afternoon tea, it was to die for. A real treat if you wanted to reward yourself for all your hard work.

If you’re not too tired, there is evening entertainment as well from live bands to salsa nights, but as I was getting up for early morning yoga each day, I tended to be back in my room and winding down by around 9.30pm.

In summing up this is a fantastic place to rejuvenate and if you are travelling on your own, there is really no need to be apprehensive.

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I arrange holidays from the exotic locations such as South Africa, Asia and India, to the more established destinations in the Caribbean and Europe. I have had the privilege of staying in some of the best hotels in the world. Travel is not just a job for me but a way of life.

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