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Grace Mykonos

Grace Mykonos

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Glamorous Greek Getaways - Family Holidays in Mykonos

By Elegant Resorts Travel Experts

Posted: 10 October 2016

Without doubt, Mykonos is an island renowned for its party scene. But that’s far from the only side to this spectacular corner of the Cyclades, which is just as ideal for a luxurious, and serene, family getaway. Here at Elegant Resorts, we’d love to create with a marvellous Mykonos family holiday to remember!

Named after Mykons (progeny of Apollo) and marking the mythic site of Hercules’ triumph over an army of giants, Mykonos lies in the very heart of the Aegean Sea and is easily reached from Athens. Some of Mykonos’s acclaimed Mediterranean beaches are beloved by late-night revellers, but others, Platis Giare and Ornos among them, are far more laidback and family-friendly.

And our partner resorts, including Grace Mykonos, Santa Marina, and Mykonos Bu, give you and the whole family easy access to these heavenly shores: drenched in sunshine, massaged by Mediterranean surf, edged by gleaming whitewashed Cycladic buildings and rocky hills—in short, oozing the sort of seaside beauty that the Greek Islands have just about trademarked.

A day at a Mykonos beach holds appeal for all-ages. So does a day out and about in Mykonos Town (also called Chora), a feast for the eye based on its architecture and setting alone. Scattered amid the date palms and the lovely villas—white as the sands of an island cove—are a number of outstanding museums liable to captivate young and old alike. The Aegean Maritime Museum, for example, sheds light on centuries of seafaring heritage with its fine collections, including scale models and authentic artifacts of traditional Greek ships. The Archaeological Museum, meanwhile, dazzles with its Hellenistic treasures—some of them retrieved from the history-laden dirt of Mykonos itself.

Then there’s the Agricultural Museum, housed in one of the fetching vintage windmills that are among Mykonos’s most iconic landmarks. (They don’t call it “the Island of the Winds” for nothing, after all—whether it’s the wintertime desert wind of the Siroccoor or the north breezes, the Meltemi, of summer.)

You can also set the children on an adventure to track down the island's feathered mascots:, its little gang of great white pelicans. The association began in the late 1950s, when a Mykonos fisherman rescued and rehabilitated an injured pelican that came to be known as Petros (“Peter”). The original Petros survived for decades, and his name has fondly been bestowed upon a number of pelicans since. (White sands, white villas, and white pelicans:, just about everything about Mykonos feels pleasantly sun-bleached.)

Whether it’s an enigmatic vase from Ancient Greece, the famously colourful “Little Venice” waterfront, a flank of historic windmills, or a friendly big-billed waterbird, Mykonos boasts sightseeing delights. But you can also happily devote yourself to unadulterated rest and relaxation, and Mykonos will deliver: from sunset beach strolls (and midday beachfront siestas) to feasts of local delicacies (such as zesty Kopanisti Mykonou cheese and the wild-foraged greens of horta) or a suitable morning or evening beverage in one of the charming island cafes or taverns.

Away from its popular clubs, Mykonos still manages to be one of the most alluring destinations in the Greek Islands. Let Elegant Resorts introduce you to the Island of the Winds’ many charms – where a family holiday in Mykonos creates a lifetime of memories.

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