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Luxury Cruise FAQ

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What is the dress code on board?
In the first instance, we advise all guests, cruising in virtually any climate, to pack clothing that can be layered. For tropical cruises, take light, loose-fitting garments that can be paired with a lightweight jacket or sweater. For cooler climates, pack extra layers of warmer garments such as a light top coat and some sweaters.
In general, you’ll find that during the day, casual resort wear (such as shorts, jeans, trousers or sundresses) is fine with swimming costumes and exercise clothing – or as appropriate - for the swimming pool, on the deck or in the spa and fitness centre. In the evenings, a more elegant dress code applies: gentlemen may wear trousers and a shirt, while ladies might opt for a dress, skirt or trousers and top – jackets and jerseys may be required. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts or tennis shoes are not considered appropriate attire in the evenings. Some cruise ships have Formal Evenings, where a tuxedo or dark suit with tie for men, cocktail dress or other formal apparel for women would be required. Do ask your Luxury Cruise Consultant to enquire whether or not this will be the case on your cruise.
When dressing to go ashore, it is helpful to be aware of the customs of the countries you are visiting – if in doubt, feel free to discuss this with your Luxury Cruise Consultant. In some ports, men and women should not wear shorts. When visiting shrines, churches, mosques and temples, many cultures prefer that women wear dresses or skirts that cover shoulders and legs.
Embarkation and disembarkation times
Your embarkation time will be stated in your cruise documents, whilst disembarkation instructions will be provided on board, towards the end of your voyage. Please note that disembarkation times are approximate and may vary.
What is the luggage allowance?
You can take as many bags as you choose aboard the ship (to protect your luggage, please be sure to mark each bag with the owner’s name, name of ship, sailing date and suite number). However, if you are flying pre- or post-cruise, you will need to be aware of regular airline limitations - please refer to the Holiday Information / Baggage section of our website. Alternatively, contact your airline in advance for information on restrictions and baggage fees.
Departure cruise terminals/piers
Port and pier names for embarkation and disembarkation ports will be detailed in your cruise documents. Once you arrive at the embarkation port, signage will indicate the exact pier/berth for your ship.
Visas/passport validity requirements
Please contact your Luxury Cruise Consultant for details on any visa requirements. Alternatively, refer to the Visa section within our Holiday Information pages on our website.
Smoking policy
Whilst smoking policies vary for each cruise line, in general, in light of continuing legislative changes in smoking policies around the world, as well as for the comfort, health and safety of guests and crew, both in terms of the proven dangers of second hand smoke and the fire hazard that smoking presents, you’ll find that smoking is usually prohibited in all suites, staterooms and balconies. In addition, indoor dining venues may not permit smoking, but there may be outside areas allocated and a smoking room. Please check with your Luxury Cruise Consultant at the time of booking if you have any queries.

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