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The following staff are all experts at arranging this type of luxury holiday and can offer you detailed advice and experience.

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لدينا مجموعة متحمسة من الخبراء و مستشاري السفر والسياحة، شديدة الألفة والالتزام في مكتب الشركة في دبي وكذلك في المملكة المتحدة، والذين حازوا بفرصه جيده للسفر و زيارة شتى بقاع الارض بشكلٍ استثنائي وما لديهم من حجمٍ هائل لا يصدق من المعرفة عندما تأتى الى موضوع السياحة الفاخرة

هنا في مكتب دبي - ومقر شركة اليجانت ريزورتس الرئيسى في المملكة المتحدة - تقوم فرق الحجز والسياحة بتقديم وعرض نصائحهم الشخصية وإعطاء الرؤى الحقيقيه عن متى والى أين يجب السفر و السياحة، حيث تجمعت كل هذه المعرفة لديهم من خبراتهم الشخصيّة في مجال السفر والسياحة بزيارة مجموعتنا المنتقاه من الفنادق، الفيلات، المنتجعات، الرحلات ، والمحطات والوجهات الفاخرة حول العالم. حيث أن قدرتهم الفطرية على معرفة و مطابقة متطلبات العميل مع أفضل أماكن الإقامة في العالم وما بها من المرافق الممتازة وكذلك الوجهات الأكثر سحراً وجاذبية، تضمن لنا العديد من العملاء الكرام الذين يثقوا بنا في إعداد وترتيب خططهم لقضاء عطلاتهم الفاخرة حول العالم عامٍ بعد عام

Our Travel Consultants comprise enthusiastic, passionate and committed teams in Dubai and the UK, who are exceptionally well travelled and incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of luxury travel.

Here at the Dubai office – and at the company headquarters of Elegant Resorts in the UK – the teams offer their recommendations on where and when you should travel and give genuine insights, gathered from their personal travel experiences, into our handpicked collection of luxurious hotels, villas, resorts, journeys and destinations. Their innate ability to match a client’s requirements with the world’s very best accommodation, perfect facilities and most glamorous destinations ensures we have many esteemed clients who trust us with their luxury holiday plans year after year.

Meet The Team - Dubai Office

Start planning your next luxury holiday by calling our dedicated team of Travel Consultants at our Dubai office in the heart of the city – most of the team is multi-lingual, speaking fluent Arabic and English.

Please feel free to contact our Travel Consultants at the Dubai Office by telephone or email.

(toll free) 8000 3570 2891

+ Carmen Abraham
Carmen Abraham
Exploring new destinations is my forte and I love sharing my experiences. My favourite escape is the Caribbean for its gorgeous beaches and laid-back style.

Travel Consultant

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Meet The VIP Club Team - UK Office

A selection of our Travel Consultants – based at our headquarters in the UK – are on hand to offer their expert guidance, wherever it is in the world you would like to travel to. In addition, our current UK-based VIP Club team includes a multi-lingual Travel Consultant who speaks fluent Arabic and English.

Please feel free to contact our VIP Club Travel Consultants at the UK Office by telephone or email.

+44 (0)1244 897 001

+ Mandy Wood
Mandy Wood
I first started in the travel industry back in 1997 and have been with Elegant Resorts since 2000, gaining a wealth of experience in luxury holidays along the way.

Caribbean & Mexico Team

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+ Alison Lester
Alison Lester
Having been in travel for over 25 years, I have visited many countries all over the world. South Africa is my favourite because of its beauty and diversity.

Africa, Asia & Australasia

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+ Anna Rowlands
Anna Rowlands
I have worked for Elegant Resorts since 2009 and love St Barths, where I lived for 4 years. A fond memory is of spending New Year on board a stunning mega yacht.


Email Consultant
+ Debbie Evans
Debbie Evans
Since joining Elegant Resorts over 20 years ago, luxury travel to Europe and North Africa has been my speciality. Italy is my favourite place – there’s nowhere like it.


Email Consultant
+ Lorraine Earl
Lorraine Earl
I’ve been with Elegant Resorts for more than 15 years and have skied in many of our featured destinations in the Americas and Europe. I also love to visit European destinations rich in culture and history.


Email Consultant
+ Debra Masters
Debra Masters
Having initially specialised in long-haul destinations, since 2006 my main focus has been the Caribbean and Americas. I adore travelling and my next trip will be to Peru and the Galapagos Islands.

The Americas

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Meet the Team – UK Office

Our UK-based Travel Consultants have many decades of expert luxury travel knowledge between them. At our headquarters in Chester, we offer dedicated English-speaking teams specialising in different areas of our travel portfolio, including luxury ski, luxury villas and luxury cruise.

Please feel free to contact our Travel Consultants at the UK Office by telephone (on our dedicated numbers listed below) or by email.


Our UK based Luxury Villas team

Start planning your luxury holiday
by calling our dedicated Luxury Villas Team

(+44) 01244 897 441

Sarah Morgan
Length of service: 15 Years

I’ve had the pleasure of working in the Luxury travel industry for over 21 years. During this time I’ve been extremely fortunate enough to travel extensively to some of the most amazing hotels & villas - private islands & destinations on planet earth :)

Anna Lebreton-Towell
Length of service: 10 Years

I have worked for Elegant Resorts since 2009 and have been in the luxury travel industry for the last 14 years.

Lisa Groome
Length of service: 9 Years

I have been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing destinations and have fabulous memories from them all. One of my most memorable experiences is enjoying afternoon tea with my family at the Tea Trails in Sri Lanka overlooking the tea plantations, prior to our game of cricket!

Nicola Killen
Length of service: 5 Years

After nearly 20 years within the luxury travel industry, it remains just as exhilarating as it first did to experience our amazing properties and destinations!

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As the foremost British pioneer of luxury travel – and boasting an ever-increasing collection of prestigious accolades that celebrates this – Elegant Resorts is a tour operator with the expertise, knowledge and reputation to deliver only the very finest tailor-made luxury holidays to our clients, honed by almost thirty years of experience in this niche travel business.

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