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Why choose Elegant Resorts ?

Exceptional service

Since 1988, Elegant Resorts has been at the forefront of luxury travel, and it is this wealth and depth of experience that has enabled us to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients. Supported by our distinguished industry partners and key preferred partnerships, we are able to drive the standard and deliver exceptional service by tailor-making remarkable experiences for all our valued guests. Our long-established and exclusive Chairman’s Club provides many additional benefits, such as a generous loyalty scheme, exceptional events calendar and uniquely tailored experiences, quite in addition to a dedicated Senior Travel Consultant and their Personal Assistant. Our Chairman’s Club Manager works closely with our outstanding brand partners to provide our discerning clients with the very best in bespoke experiences, luxury products and access to elite social calendar events.

Expert Staff

From the time of their initial enquiry, our clients enjoy a seamless booking service with one of our experienced Travel Consultants. In addition to the clients’ travel arrangements, the finer details of our bespoke luxury holidays is expertly handled by our conscientious Concierge Team.

Every personal preference is gleaned, any dietary detail noted, all touring documentation checked and any spa or dining requests fulfilled. Providing so much more than the rudimentary elements, we can assist in arranging elaborate celebrations, secret proposals, expert guides, unique private tours or access to some of the most desirable calendar events around the world.

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Whether you yearn for perfect solitude, wish to visit a remote spa haven in the Himalayas, attend a sporting academy at a resort in Europe or be seated at the Chef’s Table within the trendiest of city restaurants, we have the team to make your every whim a reality.

Preferred Partners

By working closely with award-winning airlines, luxury hotels, resorts, villas and cruise companies, we can excel at providing the very best travel services available within each destination. Our team of specialists expertly cater for all aspects of hospitality – from a warm personal welcome, to transferring in the most stylish vehicle or helicopter, being ensconced within sumptuously stylish luxury hotels and indulging in gourmet cuisine, accompanied by the rarest of fine wine vintages. Our clients are expertly guided and wonderfully supported throughout their complete holiday journey.

In Resort

Along with Elegant Resorts’ 24-hour emergency telephone number, we have an experienced team of Elegant Resorts Managers, based in key destinations such as Barbados, St. Lucia, Dubai and Mauritius, who are on hand in your resort to meet, greet, guide and make reservations for you throughout your holiday. With their local insights, advice and suggestions, you will feel very much supported throughout your stay.

Returning Home

Our pre- and post-departure teams are here to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the run up to, plus after, your time in resort. We pride ourselves in providing the same level of service throughout your holiday experience with Elegant Resorts, and should events occur beyond our control, or you feel that we have not quite matched your expectations, our Crisis and Client Services Teams are diligently on hand to help.

Planning Your Next Adventure

Your Travel Consultant will call to discuss your final arrangements before you travel, but will also telephone you on your return. This allows you to engage further with your travel professional, allowing us to better understand your preferences for any future travel arrangements. Clients are able to discuss any plans or requirements they may have and we can start to plan ahead for you – beginning your next adventure, effortlessly.

Pre-Travel Arrangements

The times before and after your luxury escape are equally important elements of your holiday experience with Elegant Resorts. We aim to ensure that every detail of your trip is thoroughly pursued, with any late requests being swiftly dealt with and any airline amendments expertly relayed. Our team ensures that any chauffeur cars are arranged, airport staff fully briefed and all manner of fast track options or luggage services are suitably booked, in addition to airport lounges and possible spa facilities. We understand the challenges of travelling with large families, taking oversized sporting equipment or needing to send luggage in advance of travel – so we also work with the industry specialists to provide valuable additional services for our clients.