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Botswana Elephant Encounters

Elephant Encounters in Botswana

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Elephant Encounters in Botswana with Elegant Resorts

Botswana’s Okavango Delta is a sensational oasis for wildlife and provides a dynamic spectacle for every wildlife enthusiast. With deep blue skies contrasted by verdant green delta, or earthy Kalahari Desert, Botswana is an attractively rich palate of colour just waiting for a canvas — and however you choose to capture it, via memory, paint or photography, you will be spoilt for compelling content. Whether your aim is to visit the central Kalahari to see spirited Cheetah, Spotted Hyaena or the Tenacious Honey Badger, or perhaps stay in the Okavango with its Pel’s Fishing Owl and impressive birds of prey, you can’t help but be moved by the sheer abundance of wildlife by day and the resplendent starry skies at night.

Amongst Botswana’s discreet collection of beautifully boutique and luxuriously tented camps is the world-renowned Abu Camp. For those with a special interest in elephants, this exclusive and opulent camp, set within the pristine riverine forest and devoted to the conservation of elephants, provides an outstanding interactive animal encounter. Under the expert guidance of committed conservationists, guests are afforded close access to Abu’s remarkable resident herd, whereby they can immerse themselves within daily elephant life and meet each individual member of the herd – a truly humbling and inspiring encounter. Along with assisting with feeding and caring for these most majestic of animals, privileged camp guests are rewarded with a far greater understanding and respect for the world’s largest and heaviest land animal. Immensely emotive, this extraordinary opportunity to see, and possibly ride elephants in the wild makes Abu Camp, perhaps, the ultimate safari experience in Africa.

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