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Need A New Approach To Losing Weight?

Need A New Approach To Losing Weight?

Need A New Approach To Losing Weight?

By Elegant Resorts Travel Experts

Posted: 11 March 2014

Ok, so you probably aren’t going to choose your luxury holiday to the Indian Ocean based on following a diet, but if you’re a fan of the ‘5:2 diet’, we’ve heard that five-star hotel, Constance Le Prince Maurice  in Mauritius , has teamed up with Mimi Spencer, (co-author of best-selling book The Fast Diet), to offer its ‘Kickstart the Fast Diet’ package.

The Fast Diet is simple: it involves cutting calories to a quarter of the usual intake for just two days a week, then eating as you normally would for the other five − you won’t even be deprived of the occasional pudding or cheeky glass of wine! Guests wishing to participate will be given a special ‘Kickstart the Fast Diet’ pack on arrival, with tailored, nutritious and tasty fast day menus (that fall within the 500 calorie allowance for a woman and 600 calorie allowance for a man), whilst for those non-fasting days the hotel’s food and drink menus will feature a handy ‘Mimi recommends’ icon beside the most low calorie options.

It’s bound to be easier to introduce this revolutionary weight-loss method on a relaxing tropical holiday, and with fitness facilities and an amazing spa on-site to help inspire your new way of life, you’ll have every chance of succeeding. In fact, keeping busy is one of the keys to success, so you can take part in a yoga session, play tennis, visit the gym, go for a swim or even book a Personal Trainer if you are struggling to feel motivated. And, for maximum benefit, you can even choose spa treatments that are especially suited to the plan, from a digestive massage to a detoxifying wrap.

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