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The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts

The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts

The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts

The Adventure Boutique and Elegant Resorts – Polar Bear Expedition

By Elegant Resorts Travel Experts

Posted: 07 April 2016

The Adventure Boutique specialises in providing bespoke adventure itinerates organised by expert Expedition Leaders. In recent years, The Adventure Boutique has worked with the British Army, David Beckham and other notable names, including the BBC, to oversee the safe journey of celebrities scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, as part of a Comic Relief challenge. Company founder and director, Dr Raj Joshi, has established a reputation as being a leading expert in the adventure travel industry and his more high-profile projects have seen him successfully coordinate various expeditions in the world’s most challenging climates to give novice-adventurers, and, at times, full camera and production crew, the best and safest experiences of challenging, but ultimately rewarding journeys.

What sets The Adventure Boutique apart, however, and makes them a perfect pairing for our esteemed clientele, is the company’s dedication to bring luxury to new heights with every journey.

If you’re seeking to broaden your luxury travel horizons in 2016 and be more audacious in your pursuit of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, a prestigious and tailor-made travel escapade is the perfect choice.

Adventure as never before, Elegant Resorts and The Adventure Boutique are now offering the incredible opportunity to experience the planet’s most intriguing environment and observe the fascinating behaviours of its beautiful inhabitants. An eight-day, ultra-exclusive guided tour of an Arctic archipelago to witness the majesty of the world’s largest land predator; the Polar Bear, is the latest addition to our adventure portfolio.

The Barents Sea Population of Polar Bears rules the land and ice on the Svalbard Archipelago. So remote is their wilderness location, only Norwegian government-certified researchers are permitted permits to enter the bears’ kingdom.

As the premier specialist in the field of adventure travel, Elegant Resorts and The Adventure Boutique are able to offer an elite expedition experience which comprises experienced leadership and guides, fully comprehensive itineraries and the all necessary equipment required to maximise your incredible Arctic adventure.

In order to ensure guests are given the paramount experience, this trip will be limited to a maximum of four participants. This guarantees optimum safety for guests, the animals and the environment. The exclusive nature of this trip also enhances the guide’s ability to give guests a truly authentic and memorable expedition to one of the world’s most remote and harshest climates. The tour party will be able to enjoy unrivalled views of the Arctic landscape, plentiful opportunity to observe these stunning creatures in their natural habitat and enjoy the incredible, pristine environment that so few have explored or experienced. This is a true one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and there is no better time than now to join this prodigious trip.


Day One: The adventure begins. In Longyearbyen, the administrative capital of Svalbard, your expert expedition leader, together with specialist local guides, will introduce you to your comprehensive equipment and help you acclimatise to your new surroundings. The extensive equipment is essential for safety and survival in the unfamiliar and extreme Arctic environment. Your specialist clothing, training and personal snowmobile will be administered at this point and it is here the excitement will really set in. Nestled between the Arctic Ocean and the Greenland and Norwegian Seas, Spitzbergen is the largest island of the Norwegian archipelago, approximately halfway between Norway and the North Pole. This is the ideal starting point for your adventure as you can undergo your training and preparation in a similar climate and environment to that of the Arctic. You will leave Longyearbyen feeling confident and exhilarated for the trip ahead.

Day Two to Seven: Days on the globe’s snowy crown start early; the abundance of bright sunlight in the waking hours gives optimal opportunity to observe the wildlife of this extraordinary region in all their glory. It is possible you will see families of the native Polar Bears, Arctic foxes, seals and reindeer on the icy plains whilst there is an abundance of birdlife to be found near the coast. If you’ve ever watched a wildlife documentary with wanderlust or wonder, this is the luxury holiday adventure for you! The expert guides have intimate knowledge and understanding of the habits and patterns within this unique environment and they will advise where best to spend time each day for an unrivalled and high-end Arctic adventure.

Day Eight: Morning departure for return flights from Longyearbyen, complete with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Elegant Resorts is proud to feature such a spectacular luxury travel and adventure opportunity and our expert Travel Consultants can advise about the limited availability of this tailor-made and exclusive experience. For further information, please call one of our expert Travel Consultants on 0800 3570 2891.

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